Rok Zalokar Trio

The trio combines influences from jazz, rock and classical music, it blends everything from powerful rock grooves to slow lyrical soundscapes, spiced up with improvisation. 

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The group in its unconventional nature, weaves the songs together and seeks new possibilities in expression within the fields of alternative, pop and jazz genres, but does not bypass musical nostalgia for novelty’s sake.

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Dvojina is a duo focused on slovenian traditional songs, putting those in the unique arrangements with lots of lyricism, intimate atmosphere. 

Nina Virant - vocals, percussions

Rok Zalokar - piano, vocals


Solo, the most natural way of expression for a pianist. Sometimes, I just approach it free and wait for the flow to take me to some song I was listening a while ago, or just yesterday, and then try to connect everything with my own little musical ideas, kind of nostalgic I guess.

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