Rok Zalokar trio - Vol. 2

Trio's brand new album full of originals is out!

It was recorded in September 2015 at RSL studio featuring the same lineup as Vol. 1 and its a continuation and a development of it.


You can get a digital copy on band camp or on the services below.


Rok Zalokar trio - Vol. 1

Since its beginning in the fall of 2010, the trio has been developing a personal sound and compositions with frequent live shows. In the spring of 2013 a part of this wide repertoire got documented. The debut album "Vol. 1" was released in June 2013 on ZARS records.


You can get a digital copy  on bandcamp or order a physical copy on ( price - 10e).


Kukushai - EP

Band's very first creation. Experimentation with a trio sound & original compositions.

You can get it only in digital form on Bandcamp.






Vsemogočni Mlin - Arbitrarij

Album was recorded in spring 2012. It features 8 original compositions written by the band together. It was released in March 2013 on ZARŠ records.

You can buy a digital copy for "name your price" e on Bandcamp or order a physical copy on ( price - 7e).