Rok Zalokar is a pianist and composer from Slovenia, living between Ljubljana and Rotterdam, leading his trio, avantgarde pop group Kukushai, is a half of improvised hiphop-noise duo Million Ear.

In 2011 he started his own trio to play  original compositions and they soon gained a national recognition on the alternative scene. The songs that the trio was evolving trough frequent live shows were captured at one point of their existence and the result was debut trio album Vol. 1.(ZARS, 2o13). Since 2008 he was exploring the fusions of rock, jazz & ethno music with a quartet Vsemogocni Mlin, part of their diverse musical universe was released on Arbitrarij ( ZARS, 2012).

His work did not go unnoticed, besides playing festivals,  Rok was awarded with Jazzon, award for best Slovenian jazz composition and with his trio he won the Jazzon live competition.In the March 2016 he was awarded with prestigious Erasmus jazz prize.


" My musical journey started in the early childhood, I was just one of those kids who really took it seriously with exploring parents' LP and cassette collection. There were all kinds of music, one of them that I was also able to see live a lot, was folk music, so this got me into playing the accordion. The piano and the guitar followed since there was so much different music that I wanted to experience. All those different "musics" along the way were the source of influence for me, and jazz, or more openly - improvised music, offers me a good way to express, connect and evolve those influences. Most of my today's work is oriented or derived from that and playing mostly original music feels like the best choice!"